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Risk Managers

 Our Risk Assessment Evaluations - Can provide the information you need on your operations to market your program, evaluate self insurance and/or evaluate acquisition or new operations.
 Hazard Control Programs - Provide your operations, assistance in developing controls for identified deficiencies. It can also address underwriters concerns and improve the marketability of your program.
 Safety Program Auditing - Evaluate the effectiveness of your safety activities and programs. This can also satisfy many state workers compensation requirements and the OSHA CCP.
 Management and Employee Training - Provides customized training for your management and staff on timely issues, safety regulations, and/or loss producing problems. The programs are custom tailored to the specific need and audience.
 Technical Assistance - Provides you with the resources to troubleshoot particular problems, as well as obtain information on safety and loss control issues to supplement your own resources. This can be on a project basis or ongoing consultations.

Safety Directors

 Risk Assessment Studies - We provide a fresh set of eyes to evaluate the loss potentials of an operation, facility or organization.
 Safety Program Audit - When a more in-depth evaluation is needed of the effectiveness of your safety program, an audit is done. This can be done for a location, company, or the entire organization.
 Management and Employee Training - We provide the technical resources to develop and present custom tailored programs to meet your regulatory and loss producing needs. We utilize available materials as well as client programs to provide a cost effective program. We can train 5-5,000.We can do it onsite  OSHA 10 & 30 Hour Programs
 Hazard Control Program Development - We assist you and your operation in developing the needed controls to address regulatory, as well as loss producing issues.
 Technical Assistance - We provide the needed technical expertise to keep you up to date on regulatory standards and safety practices to more effectively do your job. We can provide you with the personnel to assist in projects or provide ongoing consultation services.